Thursday, October 02, 2008

Week 5 Pick 'em Schedule

So I'm behind schedule.  What else is new?

As before, feel free to put picks in the comments or email them to me at hadaad(at)

The games:


Please have your picks to me by Friday at midnight.  I can accept them until Saturday night because I'm late, but I'd prefer not to have to.

That is all.


Liam J. said...

TEN @ BAL TEN The Titans really scare me. Joe Flacco might be the next big thing but those Titans are strong.
KC @ CAR CAR Last week aside, KC is not very good. Carolina is.
CHI @ DET CHI Taking the road team for the second time but Detroit doesn't have it this year (again). Chicago might not either but they've got more of it. Whatever it is.
ATL @ GB GB Home team, better team. I'm worried about Quarterback but their defense could win this game for them.
IND @ HOU HOU That's right, baby! Home team!
SD @ MIA SD Ridiculously, this is the hardest game for me to pick this week. I like the life the Dolphins are showing but there are too many weapons on SD's offense.
SEA @ NYG NYG Home team, better team. I'm worried about Quarterback but their defense could win this game for them.
WAS @ PHI PHI They're close but Philadelphia is the home team.
TB @ DEN DEN Cutler, Marshall and the new kid. This is a good team. They'll rebound from last week's embarrassment.
BUF @ ARI BUF Better team usually wins. No Boldin.
CIN @ DAL DAL Better team, home team, what does Cincy have?
NE @ SF NE My heart says that New England will win this one. SF doesn't have the weapons to expose NE's weaknesses on Defense.
PIT @ JAC PIT Better team.
MIN @ NO NO Home team, better team.

El Cliff said...

TEN@BAL - Ravens. Tennessee's bound for a letdown at some point, and the Ravens defense is still healthy.
KC@CAR - Panthers. The Chiefs got their one win for the year, and can return to hoping to possibly reach the heights of mediocrity from this point on.
CHI@DET - Bears. I don't think they're that great, but the Lions' air carrier seems to have misplaced their defense, and it still hasn't been returned.
ATL@GB - Packers. Atlanta's defensive backs would be challenged to consistently cover me.
IND@HOU - Colts. The Houston defense has shown me absolutely nothing this year to make me believe this won't be the Colts breakout game offensively.
SD@MIA - Chargers. Miami WILL score against the once good Charger D, now that it's been rendered a eunuch by Ted Cottrell's pitiful play calling. However, the Chargers will demolish the Dolphins excuse for a D.
SEA@NYG - Giants. The Seattle wideouts are finally coming back, but there's going to be some rust.
WAS@PHI - Eagles. Close game, but the Skins are probably STILL boozing it up over their giant win last week.
TB@DEN - Denver. The Broncos comes out angry, so does Jon Gruden. Unfortunately, while Denver PLAYS the games, Gruden just LOOKS at them and makes faces. That doesn't stop many plays.
BUF@ARI - Buffalo. Anquan Boldin's still trying to find his head, and Kurt Warner is just a few more of those awful performances away from returning to stocking shelves at the Shop n' Save.
CIN@DAL - Cowboys. By about 50. This is going to be about as fair a fight as that loan Chinese guy versus those tanks in Tiananmen Square.
NE@SF - Niners. The Niners defense is good. The Patriots is defense is good...unless you want your D to have any speed or playmaking ability, and their offense has fallen and can't get up.
PIT@JAC - Jaguars. The Steelers had about 7 running backs get hurt against Baltimore. Najeh Davenport is good at taking dumps in the closets of coeds, not at running the ball.
MIN@NO - Saints. Until the Vikings defense actually proves to be more than a one dimensional group of run stuffers, teams are going to throw all damn day on them.

Kyle said...

TEN @ BAL: two balls are enough, go BAL
KC @ CAR: kick a car? nice KC
CHI @ DET: ok, I'll pick CHI just because I live here
ATL @ GB: mmmm.... grubs GB
IND @ HOU: indiana jones vs houdini... I think HOU
SD @ MIA: Mama MIA!
SEA @ NYG: i sea you nygga, talkin all badass... go NYG go
WAS @ PHI: i was phiiling so nice, yes I WAS
TB @ DEN: go in da tub den, and get yerself clean, in da TB
BUF @ ARI: getting BUFfer by the minute
CIN @ DAL: CINDAreLla, a house favorite, CIN
NE @ SF: north east versus south fest? that's not right... NE
PIT @ JAC: it's the PITs
MIN @ NO: minnows... swimming, NO?

I think my nonsensical random picks might not be as astute as time goes on, but until then... FREEDOM!!!

team death metal said...

Team Death Metal apologizes for the post-Friday response.

Onto the picks!

TEN @ BAL: Baltimore, because they're at home. And their QB has an awesome name.

KC @ CAR: Oh Carolina. Kansas has Larry Johnson and...well, yeah.

CHI @ DET: Chicago. This is the Death Metal power chord lock of the week. I will give the Lions props for firing Matt Millen.

ATL @ GB: Packers-Packers Atlanta has surprised me so far, but I don't think they can take the Packers at home (although the outcome of this game also depends on Rogers' health...hmm...).

IND @ HOU: Indianapolis. No chance for the Texans, although I do like that...what's his name...Slaton? Yes. Good pick by the Texans there.

SD @ MIA: San-dee. SD just has too much going for them.

Loserville @ NYG: New York Football Giants. Loserville lives up to their name.

WAS @ PHI: Philadelphia. Aiee! I detest picking NFC East matchups. Still, I gots ta go with the Eagles @ home.

TB @ DEN: Denver. Unless Brandon Marshall slips on a McDonald's bag before the game, Denver wins big.

BUF @ ARI: Arizona. Probably a dumb pick on my part.

CIN @ DAL: Dallas. No contest here.

NE @ SF: New England I think this game will be closer than most expect? Why do I think that? If only I knew.

PIT @ JAC: Pittsburgh. The Steelers are just plain better.

MIN @ NO: New Orleans. I have nothing good to say about the Vikings.

S dub said...

...and can return to hoping to possibly reach the heights of mediocrity from this point on.

I laughed out loud.

s said...

Oh those Houston Texans...

El Cliff said...

Seriously, Lum, does your team have a single testicle in it's locker room?

Liam J. said...

Rosencopter. Hahaha!