Thursday, October 09, 2008

Week 6 Pick'em: Get 'em while they're HOT!



El Cliff said...

Woohoo! Team Miasma goes first!

Chi@Atl - Atlanta. Would not be surprised if this is a high scoring game. Falcons have shown me more this year.

Car@TB - Carolina. The Gruden Scowl has no doubt deepened this week, but still isn't enough to stop Carolina from rushing for 200 yards and winning the game.

StL@Was - Washington. The Rams have no defense. They also have no offensive line. A team of children would run rampant over their squad. Redskins are adults. Prepare for ass whupping.

Cin@NYJ - Cincy. Prepare for the Jets letdown! I don't like New York's defense, and the Bengal offense actually played some good ball last week. Favre starts trying to force another 6 TDs, ends up with 17 interceptions.

Bal@Ind - Indy. Their offense is going to struggle with the Ravens, but the Ravens offense...well, actually, the Ravens offense lives somewhere in Loch Ness, next door to the monster, and down the street from Bigfoot in the suburbs of Atlantis.

Det@Min - Minny. The Lions might be the worst team in the NFL (and that's saying something in a league containing the vermin known as 'Chiefs' and 'Raiders'). They are such a powerful source of suckage that goodness is pulled in and dies. Luckily, the Vikings have two immense defensive tackles who can clog the hole, saving us from a world run by Matt Millen.

Oak@NO - Saints. The Raiders are going to run the ball well, but the Saints are going to put up about 6000 yards of offense on the Raiders massively overrated defense (with a few exceptions). Darth Raider shall be totally faced.

Mia@Hou - Houston. Yes, the Texans will finally win, BUT ONLY IF they have to come back in the 4th. IF they have a lead, they're doomed. Bonus points if they do the world a favor and shatter Joey Porter's jaw.

Jac@Den - Denver. Probably will be a close game. Denver can't stop the run, Jags can't stop the pass. Lots of points, and the home team gets the nod.

Dal@Ari - Dallas. I still just don't buy in to the Cardinals. This is the team, after all, that gave up 56 points TO THE JETS. They also simply cannot run the ball when they need to.

GB@Sea - Packers. Seattle is an absolute disaster right now. The defense is surprisingly bad, and their receivers are as reliable as the Dow Jones right now.

Phi@SF - Philly. Actually a bit of a tough pick right now. Eagles have been unpredictable in terms of play quality, but they simply have a better roster than the Niners right now. O'Sullivan should have trouble making big plays against a decent secondary.

NE@SD - New England. The Chargers have the look of a team that figured they were awesome, so who needs to really practice or work out? They flat out cannot block worth a damn, and the D is still stuck playing Ted Cottrell 'Just grin and bear it' bend but don't break crap., even though they're built for aggression.

NYG@Cle - Giants. Wow, at the start of the year, this looked like a good game. The Browns were overhyped coming in. Will this be the week that 'Muscles' Quinn finally gets his chance? Or did some of that John McCain Anti-Magic rub off when he endorsed him this week?

Liam J. said...

Sean got in before you but decided to keep his picks private... or thought that email would be quicker. Either way, you're #2.

I'll have my picks up fairly soon. I'm just debating a couple of games right now.

The Philly game, the Arizona game and the NE game are really puzzling to me.

team death metal said...

The winners as predicted by Team Death Metal:

Baltimore at Indianapolis:
Indianapolis. Flip a coin.

Carolina at Tampa Bay:
Carolina. I’m just not sold on Tampa Bay. Plus, Jake Delhomme will use his Hard Target-esque Cajun accent to ensure victory.

Chicago at Atlanta:
Atlanta. Possibly my dumb pick of the week, but I think Atlanta can take the Bears at home.

Cincinnati at N.Y. Jets:
New York Jets. Just like Sean Woods, the Jets will take care of business. This is my Death Metal Power Chord Lock of the Week.

Detroit at Minnesota:
Minnesota. As bad as (I think) the Vikings are, the Lions are that much worse.

Miami at Houston:
Miami. Liam, I want to pick Houston, I really do…but I can’t this week. That said, I’m sure Miami will fuck me again and lose.

Oakland at New Orleans:
New Orleans. I should have saved the Death Metal Power Chord Lock of the Week for this game. Oh, those goofy RaiderZ.

St. Louis at Washington:Washington. By a lot.

Jacksonville at Denver:
Denver. Only because they are at home, and for some unknown reason I have something against the Jags.

Dallas at Arizona:
Dallas. You all know I love Kurt Warner and the Cardinals, but the Cowboys are just too darn good.

Green Bay at Seattle:
Green Bay. I love being able to pick Loserville to…um, lose, every week. It brings my bleak world joy.

Philadelphia at San Francisco:Philadelphia. Eagles win a squeaker, McNabb apologies for not being able to score more points.

New England at San Diego:
San Diego. San Diego is bound to get a bounce sooner than later – why not this week?

N.Y. Giants at Cleveland:
New York Giants. The boys from the Big Apple take a bite out of the Browns.

sean said...


I was reading a hockey message board the other day, and came across a thread discussing Sarah Palin dropping the puck at the Flyers' opener vs the Rangers.

The thread, unsurprisingly, morphed into a political debate. One poster came up with the following, which I think you will appreciate:

"She'll (Palin)probably say that being on the ice with Zherdev and Kalinin is good foreign policy experience."

El Cliff said...

That's awesome! Perhaps in a future speech she'll describe her experience of dropping a puck at a hockey game as 'experience chairing an international coalition'.

Kyle said...

Since I've been pressed for time this week, you could say I've been away. Therefore, I will pick every away team. Home teams be cursed! I think that means everyone from the left column, probably.

s-e-a-n said...

Will Team Bisonweb/Liam/5D get their picks up in time?


XFHUB, motherfuckers!

Kyle said...

Now that Liam is part of the 5th dimension he transcends space and time. Since he now has fore-knowledge of who will win I cry cheatsies!

Liam J. said...

My picks are made. There's no justification behind them and the last two were rushed but they're made.

not sean woods said...

I eagerly await your write-up of our picks.