Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pick'em week 7

Sorry, guys. Been busy. Changing jobs and all that.
You guys have all the way up to the beginning of the first game to pick'em.




SEAN said...

Let's hear it for a new job!

I'll post my picks later today. Sean Woods -out

team death metal said...

Here are this weeks' winners, as predicted by Team Death Metal

OAK @ BAL: Baltimore. While Oakland managed to beat the Jets last week, they're still an awful franchise. No chance!

ARI @ CAR: Arizona. Kurt Warner and the Party Posse come into Carolina and overturn Cajun power.

TB @ DAL: Tampa Bay. Dallas no longer looks like the powerhouse I thought they were, yikes. The Mighty Garcia leads Tampa to a 10 point victory.

WAS @ DET: >Washington. While they lose karma points for picking up Loserville castoff Shaun Alexander, Washington will destroy the, Lions.

BUF @ MIA: Buffalo This was the hardest game for me to pick, so for some reason I went with the away team.

STL @ NE: New England. Holy Hasslett, these Rams are playing well - but not well enough to beat the Pats at home.

SD @ NO: New Orleans. Banned substances will lead the Saints to victory.

KC @ NYJ: New York Jets. Alright Jets. You made me very angry last week. Please beat the worst team in football (besides Hamilton).

ATL @ PHI: Philadelphia. McNabb needs to grown an afro.

CLE @ JAC: Faguars.. MJD all up in Cleveland's kitchen.

CIN @ HOU: Houston. Liam, I'm making this game my Death Metal Power Chord Lock of the Week, so your team is guaranteed victory.

NYG @ PIT: New York Giants. Risky pick, but I think the Giants can run the ball on Pittsburgh.

SEA @ SF: San Francisco. That Loserville train just keeps derailing.

IND @ TEN: Indianapolis. My (kinda) upset of the week. Possibly my stupid pick of the week as well.

spellcheker said...

*McNabb needs to GROWN an afro.

backup spellchecker said...

Ha, dammit. That should read "McNabb needs to GROW an afro."

El Cliff said...

OAK@BAL - Oakland. Baltimore's offense is pitiful, and the Raiders D seems to be cranking up a bit. I see a 10-7 Raiders win. Al Davis will drink the blood of a virgin in celebration.

ARI@CAR - Carolina. Warner and the Cards haven't played great on the road...Panthers have been devouring their opponents at home. The big cats brutally slaughter the little, squeaky birds.

TB@DAL - Dallas. Cowboys bounce back a bit as Gruden's scowl, fueled be recent victories, grows to such an extent that it takes up half the team bus, preventing the Bucs from getting their linebacking corps and offensive line to the game.

WAS@DET - Washington. Detroit is awful. Their battle for the 1st pick continues with the Bengals. The Skins have the talent.

BUF@MIA - Buffalo. This is a very, very tough pick, but I like the way Buffalo is playing this week. I see them winning, and hopefully ripping out Joey Porter's tongue.

StL@NE - New England. Pats showed they can play some offense, and the Rams have no D. Also, Steven Jackson is messed up.

SD@NO - New Orleans. The team roid rage will lead the Saints to a win in their 'home' London, England. Also, San Diego's pass defense may not, in fact, exist...scientists are looking in to it.

KC@NYJ - Jets. Chiefs are 5th Circle of Hell awful. Jets are 2nd Circle, at worst. Also, if they can't run for at least 200 yards in this damn game, they don't deserve to ever win again.

ATL@PHI - Philadelphia. Rookie QB vs. intense Eagles pass rush does not equal success for the Falcons.

CLE@JAC - Jaguars. I am a little worried, since the 'Good Browns' could be warped in from that alternate dimension they live in at any moment.

CIN@HOU - Houston. Let the 'Run of the Creampuffs' continue for the Texans!

NYG@PIT - Pittsburgh. When in doubt looking at a close matchup, pick the home team with the drunken, barwhore bangin' quarterback.

SEA@SF - San Francisco. I'm not sure what's more solid the Niners are, or how unbelievably, incredibly putrid the Seahawks are. While I love Seattle's failures, I hate the fact I'm stuck watching their crap games every week.

IND@TEN - Tennessee. I'm tempted to pick the Colts, but they can't stop the run. Titans can run the ball a bit.

Kyle said...

TB @ DAL: tubby dolls are not as popular as normal DALs
WAS @ DET: I'll pick WASilla, this one's for you Palinator!
BUF @ MIA: I've never known a buff Mia, or any Mia for that matter, but I have known some BUF people.
STL @ NE: I've got some steel in my knee too, NE buddies!
SD @ NO: I'm not sad either, NO.
KC @ NYJ: kickin' ninjas, bad idea, NYJ wins.
ATL @ PHI: rearrange the letters in PHI and you get HIP, that's cool daddy-o.
CLE @ JAC: cle at jac? cleats are what you need to win, CLE
CIN @ HOU: I don't know HOU to pick.
NYG @ PIT: a ninja pit is a deadly place because of the close proximity to NYGas
SEA @ SF: When you write SEA it always starts off by writing S...F.. and then some other lines, so SF is doubly represented, go SF.
IND @ TEN: India doesn't even have a team, they play cricket and stuff, no way they can win against the TEN

Kyle said...

dammit, I missed the first two games, and I thought I was done... ugh...

OAK @ BAL: I hope that BALl is on a roll.
ARI @ CAR: I've been waiting for my air car for my whole life, I'm still not flying and using a regular CAR.

Liam J. said...

ATL @ PHI PHI Atlanta looks good but I still think Philadelphia is better.
WAS @ DET WAS If I had a lock of the week like Team Death Metal, I would put it here but I don't so I won't.
ARI @ CAR CAR This one is a toss-up to me, so as much as it pains me, I'm taking the home team.
BUF @ MIA BUF Buffalo is for real. Miami is inconsistent and only sometimes good.
SD @ NO NO Both teams are inconsistent and there's no way to say which of each team will show up. So I take the home team.
TB @ DAL TB Screw Brad Johnson.
OAK @ BAL BAL Oakland is improving but Baltimore is at home.
STL @ NE I want to take St Loo. I really do. But I'm not going to. Bellicheck has a killer instinct and I still think that the Pats are better than the Rams.
KC @ NYJ NYJ Brett Favre got his drama this week so he'll be fully fueled for this game. Plus, it's against KC.
CLE @ JAC JAC Better team and home team.
CIN @ HOU HOU Can you believe they've never beaten the Bengals?
SEA @ SF SF J.T. O'Sullivan! WOo!
NYG @ PIT PIT NYG might be the better team but Pittsburgh is tough. Really tough. They haven't really missed a beat on that score going to Mike Tomlin.
IND @ TEN TEN Stupid Peyton Manning!