Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Dream

That is, my dream at night, not my dream like "I'd love to see this come true" (though that might be true as well):

In the outdoor pool, pool-bully swimming around, holding people's heads under water.  Until:

Hulk Hogan. 

"I'm gonna dunk you, Hulkster!"

Hulk says nothing.

Pool-bully attempts to dunk Hulk.  Hulk doesn't move.

Pool-bully pushes down on Hulk's head, leaving him open for:

The body slam.  Only it's not a normal body slam.  Hulk rears up and throws pool-bully out of the pool. 

Then I woke up.


El Cliff said...

Wow...uhhh...are your dreams always this laden in obvious homo-erotic undertones, or was it just an especially gay evening for the Lum?

Liam J. said...

What exactly does Hogan dispensing poolwise justice have to do with homoerotica?

Kyle said...

It is clearly a subconscious plea from Liam about his job situation. The bully is Intuit and the people being dunked are Liam's coworkers. Liam is manifesting his hope that some new CEO will come in and "toss the bully".

Also... Liam hopes the new CEO is buff and body-oiled.

El Cliff said...

Having the Hulkster show up and fling your boss across the room WOULD make for a pretty awesome day at work.

Liam J. said...

Oh, so the pool is homoerotic but the workplace is awesome?

I can't say as I understand the way your mind works.

Just so you know, I identify the image of Hulk Hogan (when he was a good guy) with my dad. Both had the same kind of moustache, both get the same "don't mess with me" look on their face and both were indestructible super heroes in my youth. Now, just my dad is.

So maybe I want my dad to take care of all the metaphorical pool-bullies in my life. I dunno...

El Cliff said...

Well, your dad kicking your boss's ass...that's still very, very cool! Maybe the Hulkster could be there, though, in more of a peaking role?

"Well, y'know, BROTHER, Bob-a-Mania is gonna' run wild on YOU!"

Hulk Hogan said...

What would Intuit do if Hulkamania ran wild on them, I wonder?

El Cliff said...

Probably hold some sort of managerial meeting to 'resolve the difficulties', then attend a retreat.