Friday, January 27, 2006

Three years?!

Lost in the haze of goals, work, babies and Beavers, the third anniversary of my meeting Kim came and went with a small celebration.

For the first couple of months that Kim and I went out, we were continually saying, “I can’t believe it’s only been [insert time-period here]!” Honestly, it felt, all the way though, like we’d been together for years. There was very little transition, very little discomfort. We fit.

And now it’s been three years and all I can think is, “I can’t believe it’s only been three years!”

Happy anniversary, Kim.


KimProbable said...

Thanks bay-bee!!

Just to prove my love for you, I am at this moment brushing my teeth with your toothbrush. (I forgot mine at my parents' house and I'm really freakin desperate.)

Shiny Beamer said...

you still keep your toothbrush at your parents'? Don't you think that after three years of being together that it's time to have your toothbrush at your house?

KimProbable said...

It's too big a leap. I'm just not comfortable with it yet.

Actually, I had a dentist appointment out in Sherwood Park yesterday and my Mom took care of the kiddos. I brushed my teeth after lunch and left my toothbrush in their bathroom.

Sean Woods said...


And the new template is AMAZING!

Shiny Beamer said...

wow - that totally blew me away - the template change, that is! That is really nice.

Oh yes, I forgot to say congrats! are you celebrating the special occasion?

Liam J. said...

The occasion has come and gone and been celebrated with all due pomp and circumstance.

Baron Von Cliff said...

I also must commend you on the exciting new template ye' olde Blogge has received.

Oh, and, you know, congrats on still being married and all that, too.