Friday, January 20, 2006

So, yeah, the car

Sung to the tune of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Picture yourself in a car on the highway
A dark green Corolla, as cars pass you by.
Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly
“Thank you, yes, this car is mine.”

No need for taxis or buses or rides
No need for samaritaaaans
Under the hood’s an engine that will take you there.

Mom gave me her car yesterdaaaay
Mom gave me her car yesterdaaay
Mom gave me her car yesterdaaaay

And my imagination is gone. So yeah, my mom transferred ownership of the Corolla to me yesterday. Quite the New Year’s present. So I guess I’ll wash it, then.

I’d put up a picture but I don’t have one and the car’s too dirty right now for me to want to take a picture of it.


Baron Von Cliff said...

<2 puny car honks> Go, go, Corolla!

It just doesn't have the same ring to it. Oh well.

Sean Woods said...

When you achieved full ownership, did you jump high in the air...only to have your entire life freeze-frame?

(I hope someone else remembers those old Toyota commercials).

good for you!

Liam J. said...

You asked for it, you got it!

Shiny Beamer said...

that is so cool. Somebody gave us a car this year too. Not to keep but to use for 11 months of the year. A 20 year old white AUDI. It doesn't look 20 years old, though.

Getting free cars is cool.

Baron Von Cliff said...

Y'knoiw, I just noticed Liam said he hasn't shown us a photo of the car because it's too dirty. This from the man who had no problem seating people in a Sunbird with petrified French Fries. How dirty IS this thing, exactly, to be too bad for Liam's tastes? Did you find yourself driving under a bridge, while, above you, the Dave Matthews Band's tour bus driver opened up the sewage tanks and the contents spilled all over the car?

Sean Woods said...

"Hey Liam; do you know where the case for this Queen CD is?"

-Yeah, under the seat

< reaches under seat >

"Yaaaaaaaaagh a cheeseburger!"

Liam J. said...

It's just that it's a nice new car and, if I'm going to post a picture for posterity, I should at least wash the thing.

As for the interior, I gave it a thorough going-through a couple of weeks ago. Aside from a few odds and ends (I think there are some paper towels, a cardboard box and a travel-mug), the inside is pretty darned good.

My sweet little rock-Corolla.

KimProbable said...

I can verify that it's only the typical mud and grit of winter roads on the car. I get the feeling I may have ruined Liam's standards of dirty.

Baron Von Cliff said...

Well, you know, I realize that single males aren't supposed to care about things like that, but, Kim, seriously, THANK YOU. Liam's car was a realm of fear and dread before you came along!

Liam J. said...

And yet there was not ONE complaint while it was taking you hither and yon.

Hmm... interesting.

Baron Von Cliff said...

I didn't complain, because I was never in the back seat garbage region. Sean screamed in fear/horror a few times, though.

Liam J. said...

And yet the fear/terror was not complaint.

And I didn't complain that loudly about all the stupid Superior Video flyers, either.

Goddamn Superior Video flyers.


Baron Von Cliff said...

Calm yourself with the knowledge that they no longer exist.

Unless they come back as an undead video emporium. Then you're screwed.

Liam J. said...

Would they be able to deal in more than zombie movies?

I like to think that my hoarding of "Legionnaire" is what financially crippled them.

Baron Von Cliff said...

The cost of trying to replace such a title would bring any store under.

Now, Zombie Legionnaire, on the other hand, is surprisingly affordable.

Sean Woods said...

I forgot about those Superior Video flyers.

= )

Baron Von Cliff said...

How is that even possible? I thought everyone had been exposed to so many of them, they were drilled in to the psyche.