Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Song of Susannah

Well, the day after I set the goal, I finished one of the books on my list.

I didn’t realize how far I was into Song of Susannah by Stephen King until the end.

This installment, while not quite as good as Wizard and Glass or Drawing of the Three, is still impressive. Its cliffhanger, while not as intense as The Waste Lands, is subtle and compelling.

I don’t know if I’m the only person with this experience but I’m going through this series, only understanding half of what I’m being told. Granted, King does go back and explain most things but I always feel as if my head is just below the water during the story and I spend half the time trying to understand what's going on and the other half telling myself that it's okay, that all will come clear in time.

I hope that The Dark Tower has the answers I need. What the Hell does the turtle do? What the Hell is in the Dark Tower? Do Cuthbert and Alain come back into the story at some point?

These aren’t the only questions but they’re the most pressing.

Oh, and 48 more books to go!

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