Friday, January 13, 2006

Stupid Sprite!

Last night, Kim and I went to Millbourne Mall (I know, I know, why Millbourne?!) to hang out. Well, they have a used-book store and some other things of interest.

We went to the bookstore and made some purchases (The Prydain Chronicles, including The Black Cauldron; The Running Man by Stephen King; and Clash of the Titans, the novelization as well as a couple of movies for Nicholas). Hell of all Hells, I left a partially open bottle of sprite in the same bag as the books. I thought the Sprite was closed. Alas, the books were lost as were the movies. It put a bit of a damper on the rest of the evening. Very little pisses me off more than throwing away books (or wasting money). Of course, I could point the finger at myself for not closing the bottle properly but I blame the Sprite. If it hadn’t been so enticing, I would not have bought it. And if its openness had not been so easily concealed, the books would have been okay.

Stupid Sprite.


Sean Woods said...

Oh man.

I hate getting crap on my books, much less losing them in such fashion.


Baron Von Cliff said...

Never trust a soft drink marketed by a tiny puppet with an afro and a mot-to.

Sean Woods said...

What's a "mot-to?"

A temporary tattoo? Like a "mock tattoo?"

Liam J. said...

Grant Hill can kiss my ass.

KimProbable said...

Stupid Sprite indeed. The diaper bag is still damp and there's a sticky spot on the kitchen floor.

There's something about static electricity and stickiness that annoys me. Grr to stickies.

Oh, and I'm sad about your books. For me, now I don't feel so badly about not finding anything at the store.

domesticvixen said...

Millbourne Mall is where the security guard accused my dad of kidnapping me when I was four.

Damn my mother for marrying a dark man and adopting a blonde child!

Dylan said...

When you read the Prydain Chronicles, please pronounce the names properly.

I assume you will read these to Nicholas, as they are excellent kids' books.

jfhare - popular stop-motion character from British television.

Liam J. said...

Yes, o' one of Welsh descent, I will do my best to pronounce the names correctly when I finally manage to find a copy of the book that I don't ruin with carbonated sweetness.

Baron Von Cliff said...

Sweetness? Bah! It's actions clearly mark it as a fizzy syrup of hate so deep it's black as pitch!

No, wait, that's RC Cola.

Liam J. said...

Yeah. Instead of stripping the lining of your throat, it's stripping the words from the book.

Baron Von Cliff said...

It stomps all over literacy in it's jackboots of oppression, then attacks your voice with it's bubbles of carbonated tyranny to prevent you from protesting.

Liam J. said...

Well then, it should work harder to still my fingers because I'm all about the written word, baby!

Baron Von Cliff said...

Well, you're safe, because you refuse to pour the liquid oppression down your throat.

So long as you avoid the foul substance passing your lips, you shall remain free!

Liam J. said...

Yeah, free to ruin books.

I didn't read at all last night.

However, I made a lot of progress on The Dark Tower.

My GOD, what a great series.

Even if it's hard to understand some things.

Baron Von Cliff said...

See? This is what a family gets you! A big ol' pile of lack of reading! Old-school bitter Liam would have powered through that book already, fuelled by pure rage at the world.