Friday, July 08, 2005

My Books

This is a list of my "to-be-read" books. It's not intended for your entertainment - it's just here so that I have them somewhere I can refer to them. However, if the list does provide you with amusement, so much the better.

Ten Little Indians - Agatha Christie
Death on the Nile - Agatha Christie
Curtains: Poirot's Last Case - Agatha Christie
Philosophy: Who needs it - Ayn Rand
Viking Mythology - Brian Branston
Rattle His Bones - Carola Dunn
Tower of the King's Daughter - Chaz Brenchley
Shadow Dawn - Chris Claremont
Shadow Moon - Chris Claremont
The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
The Reluctant Swordsman - Dave Duncan
Sky of Swords - Dave Duncan
Lord of the Fire Lands - Dave Duncan
Queen of Demons - David Drake
Servant of the Dragon - David Drake
Mistress of Catacombs - David Drake
Brotherhood of the Wolf - David Farland
Runelords - David Farland
Waylander - David Gemmell
Hero in the Shadows - David Gemmell
The Covenant of the Flame - David Morrell
Shattered Trust - Don Pendleton
Shifting Shadows - Don Pendleton
Judgment Day - Don Pendleton
All Families are Psychotic - Douglas Coupland
The Vacant Throne - Ed Greenwood
The Big Bounce - Elmore Leonard
Pagan Babies - Elmore Leonard
Cuba Libre - Elmore Leonard
Dune - Frank Herbert
Dune Messiah - Frank Herbert
Children of Dune - Frank Herbert
The Face of Apollo - Fred Saberhagen
The Fionavar Tapestry - Guy Gavriel Kay
A Song for Arbonne - Guy Gavriel Kay
The Turn of the Screw and Other Stories - Henry James
Dead and Buried - Howard Engel
GeoMancer - Ian Irvine
Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien
Uther - Jack Whyte
The Singing Sword - Jack Whyte
The Jackal of Nar - John Marco
Gulliver's Travels - Jonathan Swift
The Arabian Nights - Kate Douglas Wiggin
Days of Blood and Fire - Katherine Kerr
Camber of Culdi - Katherine Kurtz
Deryni Rising - Katherine Kurtz
The Magi'I of Cyador - L. E. Modesitt Jr.
The White Order - L. E. Modesitt Jr.
Battlefield Earth - L. Ron. Hubbard
Once upon a time - Lester Del Rey
The Copper Beech - Maeve Binchy
Forging the Darksword - Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Doom of the Darksword - Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Triumph of the Darksword - Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Time of the Twins - Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
War of the Twins - Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Test of the Twins - Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Guardians of the Lost - Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Omerta - Mario Puzo
Gates of Winter - Mark Anthony
The Hollow Hills - Mary Stewart
The Fortress of the Pearl - Michael Moorcock
The Folk of the Fringe - Orson Scott Card
Red Prophet - Orson Scott Card
Rebekah - Orson Scott Card
Murder at San Simeon - Patricia Hearst
Backseat Quarterback - Perian Conerly
Court Jesters - Peter MacDonald
The Subtle Knife - Philip Pullman
The Amber Spyglass - Philip Pullman
The Demon Awakens - R. A. Salvatore
Conan of Cimmeria - R. E. Howard, L. Sprague de Camp, C. Carter
Myst: The Book of Atrus - Rand and Robyn Miller
Farewell, My Lovely - Raymond Chandler
Prince of the Blood - Raymond Feist
Faerie Tale - Raymond Feist
The Black Mountain - Rex Stout
Perchance to dream - Robert B Parker
Conan: The Sword of Skelos - Robert E. Howard
Fallon Legacy - Robert Jordan
The Further Chronicles of Conan - Robert Jordan
Conan: The Destroyer - Robert Jordan
The Fallon Blood - Robert Jordan
The Gates of Dawn - Robert Newcomb
Lord Valentine's Castle - Robert Silverberg
Valentine Pontifex - Robert Silverberg
Gilgamesh the King - Robert Silverberg
To Open the Sky - Robert Silverberg
Skin Deep, Blood Red - Robert Skinner
Mad Ship - Robin Hobb
Deerskin - Robin McKinley
The Mask of Loki - Roger Zelazny and Thomas T. Thomas
The Wayfarer Redemption - Sara Douglass
Enchanter - Sara Douglass
Battle Axe - Sara Douglass
The Scorpion - Stephen D. Sullivan
The Wounded Land - Stephen R. Donaldson
The One Tree - Stephen R. Donaldson
White Gold Wielder - Stephen R. Donaldson
Daughter of Regals & Other Tales - Stephen R. Donaldson
Memories of Ice - Steven Erickson
House of Chains - Steven Erickson
Wizard of the Grove - Tanya Huff
First King of Shannara - Terry Brooks
Antrax - Terry Brooks
The Darkness and The Dawn - Thomas B. Costain
A Canticle for Liebowitz - Walter M. Miller Jr.
CS Lewis A Biography - Wilson


KimProbable said...

I saw Deerskin and Wizard of the Grove, so I'm happy.

When I finish Game of Thrones before you make it through the two of those, I'll be rubbing it in your face.

Liam J. said...

Yeah, you still got Clash of Kings and Storm of Swords, though.

Tom Cruise said...

I saw you have Battlefield Earth on there, but how about a copy of Dianetics?

Liam J. said...

Did you see the part in the previous post where I said that I felt sorry for you?

It's because you're retarded. Go away.

dylan said...

Retarded. Very open-minded of you.

Liam J. said...

I am a sensitive new-aged guy.

Earl J. Woods said...

Ten Little Indians (AKA "And Then There Were None") is a very cool little book, the only Agatha Christie I've read. Fun stuff.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the Kay - I've read all his stuff, minus the poetry, and only his first three disappointed me.

The George R.R. Martin stuff is awesome in all caps: AWESOME. Wait, make that all caps separated by spaces: A W E S O M E. And I don't even like fantasy.

Liam J. said...

I like what I've read of Agatha Christie, although it's more Miss Marple than anything else.

I have had a hard time getting into The Fionavar Tapestry. Something about a fantasy book starting in Toronto just hits me the wrong way. Ah well, I'll get through it...

George R.R. Martin is very good. His characters have very realistic natures and they very rarely deviate from what you could reasonably expect. Except for the last big scene in the last book. That was a shock but it seemed like it was just a shock for shock's sake. It was a little disappointing. But you're right. A W E S O M E. Hear that, Kim? Awesome. Even Earl thinks so. Read 'em.

And you should like Fantasy, Earl. It's better.

Dylan said...

I agree with Earl. Too many B A D fantasy books. At least bad Scifi is easy to blow through in no time. Eddings fantasy stuff is like a slow month of elective groin surgery.

Liam J. said...

Eddings fantasy is like reading chocolate. Easy to read, easy to enjoy, but you're somehow a little ill after having read it.

Dylan said...

Don't forget it is a good cough suppressant and gives you the runs.