Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Annual Great Halliburton Summer Picnic

Based on last year’s extravaganza, I had a great feeling that this year’s company picnic would be another success. I was right.

Although not as big as last year’s eleven-to-seven Sun-Fest, this year’s lineup included a large buffet-style lunch with steak as the main course. (Kim didn’t want hers, so I ended up with two steaks – shoulda gotten one for Nick too) After that, it was a somewhat-less-than-brisk walk down 1920’s ave (I’d just loaded up on food – brisk was somewhat beyond me) and back in time for the entertainment.

Professional entertainers are a dangerous gamble. If you get someone who has become a professional comedian based on the fact that “Everyone thinks I’m funny – just ask mom”, you’re in for a long afternoon. Fortunately, the garbanzo brothers, or whatever they called themselves, did a pretty good job. Somehow, they randomly picked my boss for the ultra-embarrassing table-act. Very funny. And they juggled, which can save any quasi-horrible act.

The fact that this was the second year at Fort Edmonton didn’t ruin the experience, since it’s a big place and the focus of this year’s picnic was actually at the picnic area, rather than sight-seeing. Or maybe that was the focus for me since I’d been there before. Given the rapid turnover at Halliburton, I’m sure there were a log of wide-eyed touristy-types, gaping at the old-timey costumes and the locomotive.

In the end, they forwent a door-prize and gave all Halliburton employees a picnic set which included dishes, a cooler and wheels. All hail Halliburton, empire of fun!


KimProbable said...

I think they were called the Great Rozinis, or something like that.

Thank you for stating that our slow pace was because of your full belly and not my huge belly and puffy feet. Ten brownie points for you.

Liam J. said...

Can those be used toward playing hockey on Tuesdays?

KimProbable said...

No, brownie points and hockey points are very different things.

Sean Woods said...

They gave you a picnic set AND a cooler?

Wow, working for Evil does have benefits.

PS: Hockey rules.

Liam J. said...

Well, the picnic set is all in a cooler. (not a hard plastic cooler but a canvas duffel-bag type cooler.)

Dylan said...

Did they serve 'liver-of-Iraqi?'

How about 'we-own-the-president-of-the U.S.-lasagna?'

Liam J. said...

Nope. No liver or lasagne. However, the we-dictate-foreign-policy pineapple was very good, as was the asbestos iced tea.