Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Damn Rights, You're Sorry!

Before the beginning of July, I was offered a promotion. (I’ve written about this promotion) The salary was the only sticking point as I’d been doing the job for the past year as it was.

Friday, I learned that the request for salary increase had not yet left the HR guy’s desk.

For three weeks.

I was tempted, very tempted, to tell my boss that I didn’t want his promotion and that I would go back to my lowly position as Document Specialist. I held back from that but made myself feel better by applying for programming jobs. (I’ve received two in-person interviews for programming positions, and both because of someone I knew – thanks, James – and I comfort myself at times when my job sucks by applying for other jobs. A harmless, futile effort but it’s healthier than alcohol or heroin – cheaper, too)

I was not the only person upset by this development. As you may have guessed, my boss felt like an idiot for not following up (though, why should he, when it’s a pretty simple matter to send out mail) and if there’s one thing the big Scotsman doesn’t like, it’s looking like an idiot.

Monday morning, my boss apparently went up one side and down the other of Mr. HR All-Star. He seemed pretty satisfied that there would be no more delays.

I don’t know what he said to HR, but this morning, the stunned one in question apologized to me for the delay. He explained that it wasn’t his fault, pushed the blame onto someone else (again, what about the follow-up?) and apologized five or six more times. He’s full of crap, this I know. It isn’t the other person’s job to do his job, and even if he did push it onto her, it’s his job to make sure that it gets done. Here, my boss and I had thought that it was going through the approval process, I was sitting on pins and needles (whatever that means) waiting to hear about my future and this guy went on vacation with my raise sitting on his desk.

You’re goddamn right, you’re sorry.


Dylan said...

I'm sorry, but everyone who reads this blog knows you, so your rage, as always, is an impotent rage.

(Think 'I am Liam Johnstone! I am not Stone Cold Steve Austin!')

KimProbable said...

Heh. Dylan called Liam impotent. Kinda.

Liam J. said...

The impotence of my rage does not make it any less genuine.


^Some of the more memorable impotent rages.

Sorry said...

Impotent rage: "How do you think she feels?!?"

Sorry. I'm sorry.

Liam J. said...

Dylan, you are a terrible human being. Damn rights, you're sorry.

Dylan said...

More impotent rage (since you refuse to update your blog):


Heh. How DO you think she felt?

Sean Woods said...


"I'll see you in hell, LOOMIS!"

Liam J. said...

there is still no answer about the whole increase thing. You'd think that if the answer was "no" it would come pretty quickly. However, maybe the fact that it's taking so long is because my boss is refusing to take (repeated) no for an answer.

I choose to live in this delusion.