Friday, September 26, 2008

Fantasy Football - Leduc Mustangs

Here is my lineup, going into this weekend's games:

QB: Brian Griese - Dang you, Cliff, you talked me into a deal with the devil. 

WR: Larry Fitzgerald - He'll play every week he's not on a bye

WR: T. J. Houshmandzadeh - Roy Williams is on a bye week and Housh is going against the Cleveland Browns. 

RB: Marion Barber - The Barbarian will start every week he's not on a bye as well.

RB: Earnest Graham - It was a tough choice between him and Forte, but Forte is playing a better defense.

TE: Donald Lee - I was between a rock and a hard place here.  On one hand, I have Lee, who's not as good and going against good linebackers in TB and on the other hand I have Todd Heap going against the best cover linebackers in the league in Pittsburgh.  So I went with Lee.  He's got a better quarterback too, I think.

W/R (where I get to choose between a WR and RB): Steve Slaton - Okay, this is where I get the "HOMER! HOMER!" chants.  I don't care.  He ran for 100+ against a really good Titans defense, he's been named the starter and that line is getting more used to Alex Gibbs's tutelage.  I think Slaton could be my sleeper this year.

Kicker: Phil Dawon - He's going against Cincinnati's defense so he should get some points.

Defense: Minnesota -  They're the defense that the autodraft gave me and I see no reason to replace them.  They get good pressure with just their line, and they're going against Kerry Collins so the ball will be available for picking off.


RB: Matt Forte - He's a good guy for me to have but he's going against that Philly defense that's looking awful good this year.

QB: Jason Campbell - I want to start him but Dallas also has a really strong defense and Green Bay (who Griese faces) only has a pretty good defense.

WR: Roy Williams - Bye week

WR: Isaac Bruce - I was tempted to put him in and I'm still flip-flopping about this.  I could move Slaton to RB and throw Bruce into the W/R slot.  It's a risk, though, because he's older than time.

TE: Todd Heap - He's going against that Pittsburgh defense and his quarterback is a rookie.  I wish I had Pitt's defense this week.

Kicker: Ryan Longwell - Given Minnesota's inability to put the ball in the endzone, he would likely be a good guy to start this week as well but with the mountain of points that Cleveland and Cincinnati are likely to score against each other, I couldn't pass on Dawson.

So, what do you think?  Should I move Bruce into the starting lineup?  Is there any other glaring mistake I've made?

Let me know your opinions.


El Cliff said...

You're actually carrying a backup kicker? Hoard players, dude, HOARD! :)

All in all, looks pretty good. Slaton's a bit of a gamble, but you gotta gamble to win. Besides, it's not like Isaac Bruce is guaranteed to do squat, either, even facing the corners known as Mike McKenzie and the Oompa-Loompas.

Liam J. said...

Jason David's not any good and there's that Horton guy.

But it's not a matter of Steve Slaton versus Isaac Bruce. Slaton's in one way or the other. I'm thinking of Isaac Bruce versus Ernest "My team throws lots" Graham and Matt "Running is my" Forte.

El Cliff said...

I'd go with Isaac Bruce. New Orleans can't consistently cover inanimate objects, and the Niners are quite possibly going to be playing from behind, which gives Martz the tiny excuse he needs to throw every down.

I like Forte, but Philly's defense has actually been good against the run for a change, and it's not like they need to worry about Chicago throwing the damn ball...teams from the 1930's could teach the Bears something about the forward pass.

And Graham could get screwed by Gruden seeing a Green Bay defense with a banged up secondary (and I could see Tampa trailing in the second half, too), which means it's chuck and duck time, again.