Thursday, January 31, 2008

Okay, so maybe I'm still a little angry

I had believed I had achieved a state of Zen when it came to my laptop, the people at Gateway and the state of all things Tablet.

Turns out I'm not so Zen.

I unsubscribed to a mailing list that I found myself on promoting Gateway products. No problem. Then I went back to whatever task I was performing at the moment.

Some time later (a few moments ago) I saw the stupid Cow-Cube that Gateway is famous for. ANGER! I wanted to send off the email that I've been crafting since November. It's not something I'll ever send - it's just a chronicle of my experiences, profanity-laced, with capslock all over the place. It is not the kind of writing I'm proud of by any stretch of the imagination and it would likely have Dylan, Sean and whoever from Lethbridge reminiscing over the whole "THIS IS SO F#CKING STUPID" from first-year university.

I had put that letter away, with the intention of reading over it a couple of months, maybe years, down the road and laughing over it. Nope. I added to it. Then I deleted it. Stupid thing.

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El Cliff said...

What is the deal with the cow-cube, anyway? Who signed off on that piece of crap as a great corporate logo? Part cow, part box...cause consumers really identify with cattle you can ship stuff in?

"Normally, open a cow and you'll find methane and several OUR cow, and find a computer! Yes, this ad campaign will write itself!" (cue the ad, which begins with graphic footage of an actual cow being eviscerated onscreen). Actually, that ad would make me MORE likely to purchase their products, since it would bring some tiny semblance of sense to the entire goddamn thing.

Hmmm...perhaps they just should have shoved that stupid "Dude, you're gettin' a Dell" stoner douchebag from Dell's campaign a few years ago in to a cow (a la Luke in a Taun-Taun) and filmed him suffocating. Ad of the year. I hated that fucking kid.