Monday, February 04, 2008


The 2008 Beaver/Cub Winter Camp went this weekend, despite the colder-than-cold temperatures, the doubting co-workers and advice from all around.

It did warm up significantly for the weekend, so it was a successful camp, a fun weekend and a completely exhausting way to spend forty-two hours.

Friday, I left work around four. There was an issue with food transportation (which was ironed out through the presence of Akela's minivan and our wonderfully spacious Corrola. (More on the car in a second).

Food issues resolved, we embarked from our house somewhere in the neighbourhood of 5:30. We drove, and on the way, needs for a stop were obvious. We found relief in Save-on Foods and on our way back onto the Anthony Henday drive, our car was rear-ended. A trajedy was narrowly avoided, since the eggs that were in the trunk of my car somehow remained unbroken. There are currently three holes in my rear bumper and within the time of one red light, I was able to get the guy's insurance information. I drove away angry but I resolved during the remainder of the drive not to let this ruin my weekend.

When I arrived at Camp Evansburg, my anger dissipated and I was left feeling excited for what was to come. That night, we spent some time getting unpacked and ready for bed, then it was cookies and hot chocolate and then off to bed for the kiddies.

We played Settlers of Catan, a game with which I have a passing familiarity but no skill.

Saturday is always the big day for winter camp. This day was no exception. We spent some time outside, wearing a groove in the hill with inner tubes and then went back inside to make soap, beaver cars and eat some snack. After that, it was back outside for a bit and while the timeline is a little confused, I will say that shooting downhill on a piece of rubber, sawing triangles out of wooden blocks and pounding nails into beaver cars absolutely DOMINATED Saturday during the day. As evening approached, we put together the track for the Kub Kar/Beaver Car races that night. Some of the parents got involved and made their own additions to the race. (All of the leaders had their own cars as well. We're all essentially big kids)

My car was soundly defeated but I am not nor have I ever been in it to win it. I am the official race-starter and I call the races (which leads to a great deal of excitement from the kids (and the leaders)). In the end, the Cubs won the head to head with the Beavers but the leaders won against the kids and fun was had by all (well, almost all). Sometimes the thrill of competition can be a little overwhelming and Nick took his first-round exit from the competition a little hard. (Lack of sleep and a misadjusted diet likely didn't help either)

After the races, it was time for supper and then straight into Campfire. This year, Rob and I hosted campfire. It was fun. Songs, skits, a couple of cameo appearances by Bubbles and Hawkeye and a fantastic rendering of the Lemon Song by Rob and Krista (who knew that Rob could sing?).

Saturday night was capped off by a fireworks show put on by two cub leaders and Rob and I. I think probably we enjoyed it more than the kids did, lighting the fuses and then running away, but at least someone had fun.

Sunday, we cleaned up, packed up, took a couple more runs down the hill and headed home.

Exhausted, exhilarated, funned out and ready to sleep for a month. All necessary components of Winter Camp.


El Cliff said...

Sounds like a good weekend, man. Aaaah, Cub Cars...I had forgotten all about those! Good times.

And let me guess...when you were rear ended, the mensa graduate who did it was going about 80 coming up on a red. Aaaah, Edmonton drivers...such geniuses (genii?)

Liam J. said...

Not quite. I was turning left and when the light turned orange and then red, I had the audacity not to run the light.

KimProbable said...

I'm still miffed that I missed Nick's sketch because of one of Lily's ten minute poops.

El Cliff said...

How dare you, Liam! Red lights are simply a suggestion not to go.