Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Daily Meditation 3/7/2007

Be Quiet

Have you ever wondered why libraries have special atmospheres? They are places where many congregate but where silence is the code. Quietness in an atmosphere means there is the presence of quiet minds, and quiet minds are not only relaxed, they can concentrate easily and create more freely. Imagine you are in the library of your mind, browsing the accumulated wisdom on the shelves of your life - listen to the silence, be aware of the stillness. Now you can really listen. Now you can really hear. Now you can really think. Now you can create. And behold, you are an artist. Did you not know that silence and creativity are lovers?

Silence and creativity are lovers:

At work, there are a bunch of signs that warn you to be quiet when you're entering work zones, not just for the call-centre, but for engineering as well. They also give out noise-canceling headphones so that the engineers can work in silence. Apparently they agree with this idea. I don't know how much *I* agree with it. More often than not, I would rather work with some quiet music in the background than complete silence.

Browse the accumulated wisdom:

That's a pretty neat idea. Like everything we learn is sitting on some dusty bookshelf, waiting for us to pick it up and check it out. I wonder what my inner librarian is like. Probably some old british lady, patting her hand with a yardstick, ready to dish out retribution to anyone caught talking.

Personally, I always thought libraries had special atmospheres because of the mountains and mountains of books. More than the silence, that much knowledge is awe-inspiring.

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El Cliff said...

It's an interesting idea. I myself almost always have music on in the background, though, when I'm reading or writing much of anything. for me, I guess, rather than silence being essential to creativity, it can often be solitude. Not that I have a problem with social interaction, but it can kind of distract you from whatever project you're trying to work on, and certainly doesn't allow for contemplative though...silence, however, really isn't necessary.

Shiny Beamer said...

silence in a THERE'S a concept! My last few experiences have been of shrieking children playing hide and seek with in the aisles. The librarian? She did NOTHING! I love the quiet of a library. Too bad it seems to be a thing of the past.


Sean Woods said...

I find that music in the background enhances my creativity; it takes me to a "different place," as it were.
Pink Floyd especially.

That might sound like metaphysical garbage, but it's true in my case.

Can you dig it?

Magic Word: Cmiytys. Sounds like a sexually transmitted disease.

Sean Woods said...

Cliff, I heard that you have a problem with social interaction.

KimProbable said...

My inner librarian committed suicide. Between the non-stop noise in our house and the sticky fingers that paw at the books she just couldnt' take it anymore.

El Cliff said...

The music in the background depends on my mood. Actually, I almost perpetually have tunes cranked out. Whether it's Pandora or Indie 103.1 when I'm online, XM in the basement/car, or a CD. Unless of course it's sports talk.

"Lack of social interaction...don't YOU get it."