Thursday, March 01, 2007

24: Season One (Day One? Monday?)

One of my 101 goals was to watch the first season of 24. It is now complete. So, I have some thoughts on it. I’m sure I’ll have spoilers in here, so if you haven’t seen the season and want to retain that purity of thought, probably don’t read this.



  • Very intricate. I like how they were able to weave so many story-arcs together. It was almost like reading a book.
  • Fast-paced. There don’t seem to be any breaks.


  • How many times can they keep capturing people, letting them escape, capturing them, letting them escape, capturing… it goes on.
  • Honestly, you’re ex-military and you’re going to let a 17-year-old girl give you the slip? “I’m just going to … um… stand over here and get some coffee… FOR YOUR FACE!” Ugh.


Jack: Jack is one bad dude. I wouldn’t mess with him. From what I hear, he gets more badass as the series goes on.

Mr. President: Mr. President is one GOOD dude. Honest, pure, willing to sacrifice everything for his character. A little too much so. And he “just knew” a couple too many things. Still, I like the actor from the old “Major League” days.

Mrs. Jack: Good, complex character. I had a little trouble buying the amnesia story-line, but that’s more plot than character, I guess.

Little Jacklet: I’m not a big fan of Elisha Cuthbert and some of the stupid decisions she made were a little far-gone, even for a teenager. “Yeah, we’re in a war-zone and my combat-trained dad said to stay down, so I’m just going to go for a little str… OOH, he was right! I’m just about shot!”

Nina: Good character. I knew how the season ended before I started it, so maybe that ruined it a little. Either way, she did a good job. I didn’t know that she killed Mrs. Jack, so that was a bit of a shock.

Tony: Maybe the most consistent character on the show. I thought he was pretty cool.

Big bad guy: What a shock! Dennis Hopper plays the big bad guy.

Lou Diamond Philips: I remember when I heard Kiefer Sutherland was getting his own show, I thought, ‘But what role will LDP have in it?’ Apparently a guy who dies right away.


I liked it well enough. I don’t know that it was the dramatic evolution of television that some people thought it was. It was entertaining, but I don’t feel the need to go out and buy up all the seasons. Or even watch them. There were too many fake-o moments, to me. And a little too much Americana. “If you do right, things will go right, in AMERICA!” At least it didn't have Christopher Walken, looking at Jack Bauer, tapping his wristwatch with a moronic look on his face, just to remind us that it's R E A L T I M E. Ugh. Back to the point. Nick of Time sucked. Oh, and 24 didn't.

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El Cliff said...

I would agree with most of the points you made...actually, probably all of them. the first season suffered through WAY too many kidnapping, escapes, and re-kidnappings. the Kim Bauer character is one of my least favorite I have ever seen. Utterly pointless, and dumber than a sack of hammers. I DID like how they did the Nina is evil twist, since they actually TOLD you early on, in episode...five or so...something like that...that she was the mole, when her ID was on that swipe card. But you just forget it, because the characters did. I thought that was well done.

If you're going to continue at some point with the 24 seasons...Season 2 was a mess. The first half suffered from WAY too many storylines that really didn't lead to anything, and just sort of...ended. the last half of it was good, though, so choose for yourself if it's worth it. Season 3 was pretty good. Last year was AWESOME. Probably the best season of the whole damn show, although the last episode was utterly predictable, which was a bit of a letdown. This year started well, hit some rocky parts, but it's righted itself recently, and has re-entered the compelling zone.