Thursday, November 03, 2005

Nicholas Johnstone: Game Designer

One evening, the family was sitting down to supper when Nicholas came up with the following:

“Blast-on Blaster Sunshines”

I know where he came up with the thought to make a game of his own. We had played around with RPG Maker a little bit and he’d had fun with it, but his imagination took some ball and ran with it. What follows is what I was able to write down (and remember) from this conversation:

“You start off walking, then you find a rocket and blast off and you shoot the thing and it explodes and there’s a giant monster inside, and he’s bigger than Pluto, bigger than ANYTHING (which is obvious since it’s bigger than Pluto).

“Then you get a gun and-“

Kim interjected at that point, “Does it just stun him?”

“No, it’ kills him. And then you go to the next level.”

I added, “Next level? That sounds like a whole game by itself!”

“Nope. There’s a MILLION levels.”

I asked, “Who has the time to finish a million levels?” then answered my own question. “Anyone who plays Everquest.”

Kim added, “Boys.”


Nick changed his mind. “Um, actually, there’s only 2.”

Then he went on, talking about Super Mario Sunshine for awhile, imagining that he was creating it, and ended with: “And then the monster blows up.”

My son, the creative genius.


Sean Woods said...

"Blast on Blaster Sunshines"

Your son should work for CAPCOM and design Mega Man villain names.

Liam J. said...

My son should work, period.

We could use that income.

Dylan said...

You do know BioWare is looking for designers, right? It's in the Globe.

snzoxk - remember, we used to play it on the Intellivision?

Liam J. said...

I think they want more experience than Nick has years of life, though.

They've turned me down a number of times already.

zapyijpw: I don't have anything for this, it's just too cool not to mention.

zappy is jeremiah's password. There.

Baron Von Clidd said...

The kid shows promise. Now, his idea is no 'Jesus the Game' or anything, but it's a solid premise nonetheless.

Sean Woods said...

BioWare has turned down Earl a number of times as well.


Liam J. said...

Solid premise: You're right, Clidd. He basically rips off Mario Sunshine, changes some names, and sells the game.


dtska: dat the ska (whey ayplains fla)

Baron Von CliFF said...

Errr...DAMN that Clidd! Always jumping in and pretending to be me! That stupid, stupid, tired bastard!

Anyway, it ain't like Nintendo's making non-kiddie-sport Mario titles anymore, so why not rip 'em? Go for the gold!