Friday, December 28, 2007

Lacklustre update blog post motivated by 25-day blog-gap

Well, it's only been 25 days since my last post. But hey, December was busy.

I was reading books, fixing bugs, writing test scripts for our project, parenting, husbanding, getting ready for Christmas, watching football, and basically not writing.

Quite opposite of Karen, from Dorktastic Oddments (see my link bar), I was ready to crawl into a hole to forget that I knew how to write. Now, however, I'm out of that hole.

Hm... updates...

Thanks go to the Morrigan for the new (to me) computer. Yeah, you may think it's old and slow but believe it or not, it's faster and has more memory than our main computer. I installed Kubuntu on it as soon as I had time and it's humming along, even if I don't have it connected to the internet yet.

Thanks also go out to King Kong Awesome (KKA) for the gift of a new (to me) CRT Monitor. I was having issues with it but that was more because of the VGA to DVI adaptor not being plugged in correctly. It cast a pink sheen over EVERYTHING.

Thanks go out to my sister for a wonderful Christmas. She put a whole crapload of work into it, getting everything ready, cleaning, cooking, wrapping, driving herself up the wall with stress about everything coming together on time, and it all worked perfectly. Then, for her efforts, she got sick. And then fell. And cracked her tailbone. Condolences, sis.

Those of you who are on Facebook will have seen the picture of me holding my new treasure. My sister went overboard and got me a Houston Oilers helmet, signed by Warren Moon with a Hall of Fame inscription on it. Yeah. Blew me away.

Those of you not on Facebook will not have seen it yet. I will get a picture of it up here tout suite.

Lily's sentences are coming more clearly, now. Instead of saying "Where we going" she'll say "Where are we going" with an emphasis on the are, to make you know that she knows, now. She's so smart.

Kim got a camera for Christmas. She is now a shutterbug. Not that I would expect anything different. She loves pictures. She loves scrapbooking. So this was a perfect gift for her.

Nick says this was the greatest Christmas ever. He's probably right.

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El Cliff said...

Glad to hear Christmas was good, man. Of course, you realize that the pressure is now on NEXT year to have ti equal up!

Oh, and when that helmet disappears, simply remember was obviously the work of a drunk homeless man of color looking for someone to pawn for drug money.

KimProbable said...

I agree with Nick.

And Cliff, for a small fee I might be helpful to the homeless guy.

Liam J. said...

Heck, if the homeless man wants the helmet, he can have it. For the small sum of one million dollars.

El Cliff said...

Well, speaking on behalf of homeless people, that seems to be an unlikely sum for someone living in a box to have access to.

Kyle said...

I don't know, if that homeless person was hanging around the right drunken ex-premier he might just happen to get a nice roll of bills.

El Cliff said...

Hmmm...I wonder what ol' Ralph is up to these days, anyway? I sort of miss his ridiculousness.

Ralph said...


"Get yerself a job"

*throws money*


Liam J. said...

That little episode convinced me more than anything else that Ralph Klein was a god in Alberta during his reign.

I listened to the radio on my way up from Lethbridge and there were people defending him.

"Do you think that he might have been asking them why they couldn't get a job? Maybe he was trying to find a way to help them."

"Miss, he was drunk and he was belligerent."

"No, that doesn't sound like Ralph Klein. I think he was trying to help the man."

People substituting their own reality for what actually happened is usually the first step to immortality.

El Cliff said...

Ah yes, the delightful little one part dictator...errr...DEMOCRACY we have here in alberta. What an absolute running joke.