Monday, October 01, 2007

Texans week 4: Houston 16 - Atlanta 26

Injuries suck. Houston needs to get some people back. There aren't any injured guys who'll come in and take over for Faggins, though. That's too bad.

The Good: Schaub played pretty well. Travis Johnson started to come on. Amobi Okoye got another sack. Kevin Walter and Andre Davis did pretty well.

The Bad: Defensive backfield. The Defense HAS to get off the field.

The ugly: Demarcus Faggins was torched all game long. Whenever he wasn't getting burned, he was committing penalties. Who would ever run the ball against the Texans when Faggins is an automatic first down if not a touchdown?

That is all.

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El Cliff said...

The only good thing I can say about Houston's performance is that they kept Roddy White in check, thus aiding my fantasy team.

Aside from that...ugh. Certainly, though, the injuries have killed them, because they don't have the depth yet to deal with them. Hopefully, in a year they WILL have that depth.

And hey, at least it still isn't David Carr...boy, did HE look good...(puke). Awful. and he didn't even get the snot beat out of him this week. THAT award goes to McNabb...I have NEVER seen a quarterback get killed like that. Never.

It's Sean Woods! said...

Poor Faggerson.