Monday, October 15, 2007

Local Election

First off: I hate elections. Not because it's democracy in action. Not because I hate freedom. Not because I'm some communist pinko who just wants to be told what to think.

I hate elections because of the visual pollution every three metres down the side of every road in my neighbourhood.

I'm sorry Amarjeet Sohi, blah-blah McKenna, Stephen Mandel. There are others. I don't remember them now but I'll remember when I see them on the ballot. I saw your signs. I don't like your signs. So I'm not voting for you.

I have a little more respect for Sohi than I do for others. He's out on 50th street on the median, waving, pumping his fist in the air at passing motorists. It's a little weird, I have to say. Is it an attempt to say "I don't have to work! I can take the time to greet you on your way to your daily drudgery! Vote for me and I'll use this time productively! Maybe!"

What I would like to see: Some minor politician campaigning by improving my life. Wanna be a city councillor? Fill some of those potholes that knock the hubcaps off of my wheels. Want to clean up the city? Start with the broken beer/malt-liquor bottles on every single corner in Millwoods. If you're already in the middle of the road, Amarjeet, you could spend some time and pick up the garbage there, with your little buddy holding up your sign and pointing at you instead of bragging about your lack of anything better to do.

I just hope they clean up their signs after the election.


El Cliff said...

So THAT'S why that guy was. I was driving past him, and missed the sign somehow (you know, doing that 'watching the road' thing and all). I agree...if he's already out there, he could damn well DO SOMETHING. Show people you give a crap, even if you're faking it for 2 days to curry favor. Just show something!

I suppose there's voting in Leduc. I simply don't care. I'm normally someone who is very in to the whole democratic process (it gives great grist for the rant mill, if nothing else), but I just don't care.

Liam J. said...

But Bob Thompson is running. How can you not care? Oh yeah, you didn't play football.

El Cliff said...

Actually, one funny election-related item. Some dude named James Black was running for mayor (with signs saying only 'Vote Black', which I found hilarious). My mom had no idea who it was, so she exclaimed, in a voice of disgust and confusion, "Who the Hell is that black guy?! There's some black guy running for office!" I actually did a spit take, then spent a good five minutes rolling around in the juice I'd spit upon the floor as I laughed until it hurt.

Liam J. said...

Nice. I declined to vote. More because Kim went out than any hardcore stance.

El Cliff said...

Kim is obviously a not let her bring down democracy!

Liam J. said...

Does she hate freedom, too?

El Cliff said...

Only Dick Cheney can decide that.