Thursday, January 11, 2007


A rant.

Not entirely language or age appropriate.



El Cliff said...

Wow...hmmm...what to rant about...Oh, oh, I know! How about subject headers and intros, such as the ones that lead us here, that lead to...NOTHING! Wow, the magical mystery of an empty box washes over me like...well, like absolutely nothing that exists in any way, shape or form! Bah!

anyway, with the 'Haha, look at the funny monkey dance' rant out of the way, don't you just LOVE when the company you work for has been bought by another company...and a few months later, ominous 'corporate Re-Structuring' meetings are planned, thus scaring the bejeezus out of every employee working there? Oh, and then the big suity types make it all 'better' with re-assuring language like "We're simply seeking a re-structure to improve profit quotas for the next year", and "we look forward to getting to know most of you in our shared future". A slip of the tongue? Or perhaps all adding up to the words TYPICALLY spoken when one company byus another and is looking for a quick and dirty way to cut costs, "We are going to get rid of some of you, because we suck." Anyway, I will refrain from completely exploding, and return to the solace of good whiskey and Porcupine Tree CDs.

El Cliff said...

Well, havijng now noticed Liam's RANT UNDER my own, the entire first half of my new rant above is just silly. Well, actually, it kind of was from the start so...y'know what I can't stand? People apologizing for absolutely nothing!

Liam J. said...

Don'tcha hate it when you're waiting around for the elevator, Cliff, and you're looking around, and you're whistling your impatience, but when you look up, the door's open, it's making that annoying buzzing sound, someone's fighting to keep the automatic closing mechanism from shutting you out, and the rest of the elevator um... patrons are glaring at you in an attempt to draw your attention?

Don't you hate that?

Shiny Beamer said...

Hey Liam,

I just saw your comments on my blogger blog. WHAT?!?! You didn't get Kim a ring for Christmas?!?!! Shocking!

Let me ask you this: did you buy her an engagement ring at some point?

El Cliff said...

Of course he did! Well, not BUY so much as...dig out of Cracker Jacks...but, it's the thought that counts, right? RIGHT?

Liam J. said...

I got Kim a ring for a post-birthday date-night. And she got me one. Mine spins.

El Cliff said...

Wow, you have a spinner RING? you're just turning in to a pimp before our very eyes, aren't you? So, when does your rap CD drop, Lum Jiggy?

Liam J. said...

What? Spinner ring? It has a second piece on top that moves independently from the bottom. It's just a ring.
I'm no pimp-hop trip-school jive-spinnin' honkey-doo-dah. Or something.

I've embarrassed myself.

El Cliff said...

You have embarassed white people everywhere, Liam. All of us hang our heads in shame.