Thursday, January 04, 2007

King of Foxes by Raymond E. Feist

One of my favourite series in Fantasy is the Serpentwar saga by Raymond E. Feist. It is set on Midkemia, just like all the other Feist books in this very long line of stories. King of Foxes mentioned some characters from the Serpentwar saga and that may have been its best moment.

I like Feist as an author, and I hope that he continues to write good stories, but if the stuff that he’s going to write is like King of Foxes, I’m tempted to say he should just turn in and call it a career.

Feist’s main character in King of Foxes is Talon of the Silver Hawk (which was the name of the first book in this trilogy). Through some amazing circumstances, he becomes the best swordsman on the planet, a culinary master, a musician, the world’s best hunter, lover, man’s man and all around good guy as he disguises himself as Talwin Hawkins, a squire, so that he can take his revenge on the person responsible for the destruction of his people.

I get annoyed by super-characters who never need to do any growing, outside of the “training” section of the novel. Everything goes right for Talon, all the way through the novel, and the only hardships he ends up having are fixed by magic. I had hoped that the story would go another way, but it didn’t, and while I’m not sorry I read the book, and I’m currently reading the one after it, I’m reading them to get to the next story, which, to hear tell, is built up fairly significantly by this trilogy.

One book on the books, 49 to go!

Next up: House of Chains by Steven Erikson


Shiny Beamer said...

Way to go on making up your list! And a super big way to go on being done one on Jan 4! Very cool. Did you happen to get any Chapters gift certificates for Christmas? Or do you get everything from the library?

El Cliff said...

He followed his usual path...robbing bookstores blind! Seriously, who needs moral compunction when there's acres of pages to read, dammit?

Oh, yeah, and, I'm back...and stuff. Blagh.

And, just to be pretentious, I'll mention that I just started Pirates of the Caribbean, by Tariq Ali. It's a non fiction about the spread of left wing politics in Central/South america (from a positive angle). It has nothing to do with buccaneers, or with Johnny Depp. Tariq Ali rocks, though...this is his first political book about a region outside the Mid-east, and so far (a whopping 20 or so pages in), it's pretty good.

Liam J. said...

Beamer: I own all of those books from before. I have a disgusting amount of books I haven't read.

El C: What, you cruisin' from home now, or did you get another job with an internet connection?
Left-wing politics in south america? Does that mean good things or bad things in trying to bring the drug trade down? Probably neither.

Shiny Beamer said...


You must be VERY happy to have a bigger place now!

El Cliff said...

I is all hooked up in the hizzouse.

Jesus, I can't believe I typed that. I mean, I'm looking right at it, but I can't BELIEVE it! (Imagine that second line in the 'Regis is Excited' voice.)

As for the drug trade, so far they're focusing on Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, which is not exactly a cocaine mecca.