Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The 2006 Texans Draft

Well, the big off-season weekend for the NFL has come and gone. I had resigned myself to the likelihood of bad personnel decisions that I’d seen in the past and, while I wasn’t looking forward to it, I had resigned myself to the addition of Reggie Bush to the Houston Texans.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

I know you’re supposed to grade a draft 5 years after, to allow the players a chance to learn, develop and all that other stuff. However, I believe that involves a lot of hindsight and second-guessing, so I’m going to comment on my team’s draft two days removed.

1. Mario Williams, DE, NC St. This is, in my opinion, the second-best guy the Texans could have gotten. I thought that their pass protection was worse than their pass-rush (though it’s like having an overacting contest between Jim Carrey and Al Pacino). I thought D’Brickashaw Ferguson would have been the guy to get here, even if the Texans couldn’t trade down. Regardless, this is a big area of need, he’s a huge physical force and he’s apparently got a heart of gold.

2. Demeco Ryans, LB, Alabama. It surprised me that, with Tackle Winston Justice (and Eric Winston, for that matter) still on the board, the Texans would dip back into the defensive pool. However, by all accounts, this guy could end up being THE leader on defense. He’s smart, he’s solid and he’s apparently another high-character guy. (the kind of guy that Winston Justice apparently isn’t)
Charles Spencer, T/G, Pittsburgh. Finally, I thought when hearing about the first of two consecutive picks in the 3rd round. Finally, they have an offensive lineman picked on the first day. I don’t know who this guy is, and with Eric Winston still on the board, I was quite baffled. But apparently, this guy could be the next coming of Larry Allen. He could be a big bust too, but apparently, they like the tools he’s working with, so I’ll support that.

3a. Eric Winston, T, Miami. YES! Two picks in a row and they’re both offensive linemen. Well, call the first day a complete success!

4. Owen Daniels, TE, Wisconsin. I was a little confused by the pick of a backup tight end when guys like Free Safety Ko Simpson (thought to be a first-round talent) and Strong Safety Darnell Bing were still on the board but I’m not going to pretend I know the things that the Texans’ front office knows.

5. Traded for Eric Moulds, WR, Buffalo Bills. I’ll take a Pro-Bowl receiver for a fifth round pick any day.

6. Wali Lundy, RB, Virginia. He’s the kind of guy that will fit into the offensive scheme that the Texans want to run. He’s a solid short-yardage back and apparently, he could be ready to step in and start in a couple of years.

7. Given up for Kevin Walter, WR, Cincinnati. I don’t know how I feel about this, given the next pick in the draft.

7a. David Anderson, WR, Colorado St. He’s small, he’s tough and he runs good routes. I guess we need our Wayne Chrebet, too.

All in all, it was the best draft day that the Texans have ever had, Reggie Bush hype aside. And regardless of whether five years from now, people are calling all of the Texans’ draft picks busts, for today, the front office filled needs, got the best players for them and leave me excited for the regular season.


Sean Woods said...

Good read, Liam. I was also pleased with "your" draft. The Jets did well themselves, and really solidified the offensive line (and apparently got the QB that they wanted).

Did the Lions draft terribly? I sure hope so.

Liam J. said...

They got an injury-prone linebacker in the first and some running back in the later rounds. Other than that, I have no idea.

Shiny Beamer said...

thanks for the comment on my posting re: my job. Really appreciated that. Hope you're having a great week.

CFL still rules! Teehee.

Don't hurt me!

Anonymous said...


What's with being a fan of the Texans?


PS: we had a good time at Sean's for the draft. You'll have to make it next year.

Sean Woods said...

Jeremiah will never know why Liam cheers for the Texans.

Anonymous said...

maybe he's too ashamed to explain why?


Liam J. said...

I cheer for the Houston Texans because I used to cheer for the Houston Oilers. I was going to follow the team to Tennessee, since it's not a geographical thing for me, but it just seemed wrong. So, without a team in Houston, I kind of drifted for awhile. I cheered for the Ravens but that whole "We're the best of all time" attitude turned me off after they won the Superbowl, so I seriously drifted. Right about that time, I learned there would be a new Franchise in Houston. I decided I would be an NFL free agent fan until they came into the league and I got my new start with my new team.