Sunday, September 18, 2005


On Friday, Lillian had her first seizure. We took her to Emergency at the Grey Nuns and they said it wasn't a heart thing, and that if there were more, we should take her in. I didn't say anything here because we were kinda just hoping it would go away.

She had two more yesterday, and now she's had two today. The second one today was in front of the pediatric resident at the Grey Nuns. When I was a baby, I had convulsions, and my brother and cousin both had them as well. The neo-natalogist (I didn't even know there was such a thing) called it "fifth-day fits". He can't rule out infection without testing, though, so they drained hooked my daughter up to monitors for her heart rate and oxygen saturation, as well as hooking up an IV to her. Nothing has ever broken my heart like seeing my baby's blood run down the nurse's hand, onto the blanket, hearing her scream and knowing there's nothing I can do about it.

The pediatric resident told us it would be a good idea to take a walk while they poked at her spine for some more fluids. We took that advice.

The good news is, now we know why Lillian has been having seizures, coupled with 20-30 seconds of apnia(not breathing, for you non-medical, non-scrabble types). It's most likely going to go away with semi-regular doses of phenobarbitol (a mild sedative) and if the tests come back negative and the seizures don't return after two days (which is getting off relatively light, since I was in there for a couple of weeks as a baby), she can come home again.

I'm just home right now to update this, get some things for Kim since she's staying at the hospital, and to get stuff ready for Nick's school-day tomorrow.

Speaking of my amazing Kindergartening son, he's staying with Gramma while Kim and I are with Lillian in the hospital.

Come home soon, Lillian.


Morrigan said...

I am sending good thoughts and wishes your way. I can't even imagine what you must be going through. I don't know what would be worse: having this not happen before with your first child or having it happen with your first child. Either way, it must be the pits. I hope that it all resolves itself soon and you and baby's mom can breathe easier.

Sean Woods said...

Good vibes heading your way from Seantown as well.

Dylan said...

Here you go:

When Alex was born, his lungs didn't work. Doc said he was going to be fine but his heart and lungs still haven't caught up.

Right after he popped out, the nurse and doctor in attendance blocked me from holding him and they worked on him for 20 minutes while Shelley sat in her bed, exhausted, wondering if her baby was going to make it but not knowing what was wrong.

I knew what was going on but was paralyzed by a combination of fear and shock.

Now, the buddy look's good and seems fine but his lungs are still weak. He passes out now and again but otherwise is very healthy. We only worry when he gets chest colds.

My point: The fear you feel will never go away. Those moments when Lillian seizes will stay frozen in your mind forever. Your helplessness and anger at the gods won't dissipate.

So, enjoy every moment like it's your last. It won't be, but it makes you appreciate the time together more and enriches tour life like you never thought possible.

Silver lining in every cloud. Sorry to get deep.

domesticvixen said...

Aura's class prayed for Lilly this morning.

Liam J. said...

Thanks for all the support, guys. It means a lot.

Dylan: The realization that I should treat every moment like it's the last hit me last night and, you're right, it makes those moments all the sweeter.

I'm sorry to hear about Alex.

Dylan said...

Oh, he's fine. In fact, I'd like to kill the bugger half the time.

Dylan said...

How baby doing?

Liam J. said...

Baby is much better. The convulsions haven't come back since we started her on Phenobarbital, and she's doing great. Just great.

Sean Woods said...

Let's hear it for great baby!

And a new post on In The Now (perhaps about Bisonweb)!


Earl J. Woods said...

Wow, I just saw this - I'm so sorry that Lillian has to go through this, Liam. I hope that it's a stage that will pass and soon become only a distant memory.

Dylan said...

Hey, I'm gonna be in Red Deer for Thanksgiving and will try to smuggle away to Edmonton. When good time for you guys?

Failed first time at letters.

Sean Woods said...


Too good to see ol' Sean Thanksgiving weekend, eh? Do I have to be part of the 'baby club' to warrant a visit? You've changed man - you've changed.

A jazgm on your house!

= )

(this is all in jest, of course)

Liam J. said...

Monday would definitely be the best day for that.

Baron Von Cliff said...

Well? Was it? End the suspense that kills us all!