Thursday, September 29, 2005


Team BisonWeb took a major step forward today, as my magic word on a comment on my blog was bisalo. The bisalo is obviously a cross between bison and buffalo. Someone is trying to tell me something. What they're trying to tell me is that BisonWeb is inevitable.


The question is: Where does BisonWeb go from here?

Obviously, word must spread.


In Rob We Trust said...

I don't know but have you tried Poreef?

Sean Woods said...

Awesome. Uyturx.

Sean Woods said...

You use Internet Explorer?


awnxhy - how a southerner tries to pronounce "annex"

Exampe: "I'm a gonna awnxhy yer property!"

Anonymous said...

Damn, I's a be needin' sum blog uppity-dates! Ain't been no new entries up in yo' kitchen fo' a while.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Afnbvf, suckah!


Liam J. said...

You're right, Boose, four days is a long, long time.

mmogqixk : looks like some internet pir8's way of spelling magic.

Yo, chek owt my mmogqixk, luzR!

Sean Woods said...

Boose makes a good point.

Sean Woods said...

Liam, get off your qutgsm and get bloggin'!

Liam J. said...

I hear, and mpsgsdew.