Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Johnstone House

This is the Johnstone House. May, 2004, I took possession of this townhouse with the intention of living here a couple of years and then moving on to bigger and better things. The most alluring thing about the place (beside the fact that we could afford it!) was that the entry faces away from the street. Carrying groceries in can be a pain but it's worth it.

The kitchen is far from ultra-spacious but what it lacks in space it makes up in lack of counter-space.

My only complaint about the dining room is that the floor is carpet.
NOTE: We elected not to keep the For Sale sign in the window.

I took these pictures when Kim and I finally got the chance to look the place over together. At the time, I'd thought that they were decent pictures. What the hell was I thinking?

This is a great closet-shot of the computer room.

NOTE: Realtor's leg sold separately.

Another prize-winning shot. This time, of the bathroom sink. I could really do something as a professional photographer.


domesticvixen said...

The street isn't so bad. 29 is quiet. I would hate being one of those poor slubs on 28. Or, being in one of the units like that really cheap one which supposedly had 1.5bathrooms. Talk about being able to watch the neighbors...

Shaun said...

Hey I'll do your Laminet floor if you want to do it :)
Hey why don't I have a link on your site to my blog?!

Liam J. said...

Because I didn't know you had a blog.

Sean Woods said...

Give 'em hell, Liam!


In Rob We Trust said...

I went to Shaun's blog site but cannot post any comments on it. What a ripoff. How can I bash Shaun? How can I tell him about his latest blog entry that he should start his own militia and over throw the Alberta Provincial Government if he does not like King Ralph (may he live forever and rule us with kindness and crush all who oppose the PC way).

Liam J. said...

The rhetoric you bring to the table reminds me of a young Josef Stalin, ready, willing and able to lead his people to slaughter.

While we're at it, let's take guns away from citizens.

Can tyranny be far behind?

Shaun: You're nuts. That's why I love you.

Sean Woods said...

Let's hear it for some baby!

Earl J. Woods said...

I think you should have kept the For Sale sign and the realtor's leg. Losing them throws off your feng shui, and shows that you have weak kung fu.

Sean Woods said...

I demand a baby blog asap.

The magic word for this comment was "etwqarf," which I assume stands for...



domesticvixen said...

I agree with Sean. Where is the baby update???? The world is waiting!

And pictures! Lots of pictures!!!

The Girls want something to look at whenever they have a Lillian craving, SO HOP TO IT, DADDY!