Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A fairly innocuous laundry room, until you realize that the Flame-Master furnace is older than I am and more likely to spew deadly toxins. (much more likely)

The best part about Nick's room is that he has about three acres of closet-space. This comes in handy with the baby moving in.

The Master bedroom is a little bigger than the other rooms but not by a whole lot. Still, for sleeping, it's aces!

Cute Nick-picture aside, this picture really shows the power of my photographic skills. This is the living room as it would look from the light fixture (if we had a light fixture in the living room.)

This shot shows off the spaciousness of the living room, not to mention the neighbour's house.


Sean Woods said...

Did Nik pass out due to the noxious fumes of the furnace?

All signs point to yes.

Liam J. said...

He was actually asleep when we got to the place to check it out.

In Rob We Trust said...

I am not sure if that was Nick or some wacko who likes to take pictures of kids (who appear to unconcious) in vacant homes. Am I on the right blog or should I be calling the police?

Sean Woods said...

Maybe Liam's been lying all along and the kid came with the house.

Liam J. said...

Yes, Rob, the kid sleeping on the floor is a wacko who likes to take pictures of kids.

Sean: How do you think we got the house so cheap?