Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Three teeth, one low, low price

I find myself once again drawn to this blog spot. This morning, I had three wisdom teeth extracted. One was giving me a problem and I figured that getting it removed was going to mess me up enough so that getting three out would be more worth it than getting one out on several different occasions. The fourth one does not look like it is going to present a problem so we decided to skip that.

Now, my life is an endurance test - which will happen first? Will my wounds repair themselves or will I go mad? The pain is entirely endurable. The blood was off-putting but again, there was nothing there that could break me. Now, in the wake of my overwhelming desire for a steak, a cheeseburger or some potato chips, the itch coming from my stitches is driving me batty.

I enjoyed a protein-fortified milkshake this evening and my sister was kind enough to bring me by a Wendy's chocolate ice-creamy dessert. The relief that the cold brought to the inside of my mouth makes me happy.

I finished three books last week, and now I'm working on some more:

Smoke and Mirrors - Neil Gaiman: This is a collection of short stories by the author who wrote American Gods and Neverwhere. Some are weird, some are wrong, but they're all definitely readable.

The Fires of Heaven - Robert Jordan: The Book-11 re-read is on. The forsaken are making their moves, the tower is split and Mat gets real cool in this book.

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KimProbable said...

Yay. Lookie me. I signed up just so I could post in yer blog, blogger-head.

Teeth belong in your head. Not pulled out.