Thursday, April 14, 2005

Milk in the tooth-hole and other horror stories

Since having my teeth removed (by choice, no less!) I have been unfortunate enough to have holes at the back of my mouth, filled with sensitive, swollen gums.

My teeth have never been to happy about cold and I guess it’s only natural to guess that the tooth-holes left behind by my wisdom teeth would like the cold about as much.

Boy was I wrong.

The searing pain of a cold mouthful of milk invading my tooth-holes left me shaking and shaken. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced. However, I learned something about life in general and pain in specific. Everything’s mental. The pain that shot into my brain was trying to tell me that something was terribly wrong. My brain was not strong enough to deny these impulses and so had me shaking and shaken. I was even transported back to the dental procedure when I could feel the drill going into my jaw bone. It’s amazing what my brain will do to screw with me.

It’s all mental.

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