Friday, March 27, 2009

Dissection of a Job-Change

Two and a half weeks ago, or the day of my last blog post, I was working overtime (work out!), trying to finish off testing a section of the project I was hired to work on.  The next day, all motivation was punched out of me when they let all of the contractors, save George, know that the contract with the Department of Defense had been canceled and they would no longer be needing our pricey services.

No reason was given for the ending of the project.  Certainly, it wasn't the work we were doing.  That was what our project manager said, and I believe and hope that it is true.  Regardless of the reason, we were given notice and told that, if everything worked out, we would be on for another two months, transitioning out of the project.  What does that mean?  It's not entirely clear, but it meant that I likely had until May 15 to find another job.

Initially, I was angry.  But they said... But it wasn't supposed...  It wasn't until I changed my mind-set that I was okay with it. 

'I'm a contractor,' I would tell myself.  'Contracts are canceled or end all the time.'  So I got back to work - the work of looking for a job.

Eventually, I was led to DevFacto, a company owned by my friend David.  He knew of a company, Accenture, who had a need for a Java Developer (or more, as it turns out).  Wednesday, this week, I interviewed for the position, was an acceptable candidate, and worked out a contract, basically on the same day. 

Thursday, this week, I learned that my (now) former employers were not able to negotiate a transitioning-out contract with the DoD and that, had I not found my current contract, today would be my last day at Haemonetics. 

I start at Accenture today and I imagine it is going to be a little hectic, between trying to get up to speed company-wise, social-wise and project-wise.

It's nice to be relevant again.


Lionel said...

wow dude, thank goodness you found something early!!!

legion said...

Congratulations Liam!!! That's so awesome.

I wish you all the best in learning the new ropes

El Cliff said...

Good stuff, Lum.