Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Okay, I'm usually a pretty reasonable guy. I get along with people pretty well and I try to go along with whatever. However.

The time is 10:15pm. There is not one other person in line at the Save On Foods. Why, do you suppose, a guy would take his groceries to the Self-Checkout lane? Could it be to bypass the milling throngs clogging the standard checkouts? No? Could it be because he just wants to make his purchases and get the hell out of the store because he's in an unsocial mood? Hm... Nah, this must be someone who needs a lot of extra attention.

Honestly, that must have been going through the Self-Checkout clerk's mind as I strolled up because she hovered. And she wouldn't take a hint. While I was pushing the lookup produce button, she told me to push it. Then she helped me find the pesky T button (for tomatoes). Good thing. I've been struggling with those pesky alphabetized letters since '07.

She was trying to help me to make room in my cart for bags while I was trying to shoo her away. Then one of the bags I was filling with groceries disappeared from the filling area. I looked over my shoulder and she was putting it in the cart, with me holding a grocerous item, with no bag to put it in. So I bore it. I was the stone at the bottom of the river, allowing the water to flow over it.

Is it wrong of me to be so annoyed at a person who could not take a hint and apparently didn't think I could find the letter 't' without her help?


Kyle said...

Obviously any scary bald guy using the self checkout when there are no lines is just trying to steal some amphetamines or something. I'm suprized she didn't have security do a cavity search.

El Cliff said...

On the one hand, I join you in your confused rage...why is an employee AT the SELF-checkout to begin with?

On the other hand, it's been a little while since I've witnessed a slightly irrational burst of Lum rage, so I'm glad the moron did it.

Liam J. said...

#1) 'Cuz there's nothing but a wall of amphetamines at Save On.

#2) I live but for your amusement.

legion said...


Nah, you did the right think, you were the stone in the river.

But it's less fun to be zen like.


Kyle said...

#3 Ever heard of Save On Drugs? You just haven't been down the special aisle.

#4 Anyone think this guy is a little loopy from lack of sleep?