Friday, May 30, 2008

Beaver Camp

So, I thought I was going to write about the rest of my Chicagoland trip here but since it’s basically all technical in nature, I figured I would leave it for Intuitive Techniques if I ever get back to updating that site.

Anyway, we went to Beaver Camp last weekend, the culmination of the Beavering year. (And also my last official act as a Beaver leader. Next year I get to hold the reins of the Cub Pack as Akela.)

We stayed at Camp Maskepatoon, just off of Pigeon Lake. Actually on the shores of Pigeon Lake.

Hm… highlights…

- Hawkeye dropping the sister of one of our Beavers into the lake and then running like a coward. (We’ve got video evidence)

- Lily and Kim’s boat ride

- The birth of the BubbleStar Galactica (pictures to follow at some point) and The Holder – Nick’s boat

- A campfire where nothing went very right but nothing went terribly wrong

- Capture the flag with the most cheating per game (CPG) that I have ever seen.

- Soccer where Granny shone and I kicked a ball at a 12 year old harder than I should have.

- Archery that left a bruise on my forearm. At least it didn’t stay all raised and bumpy.

- Pouring from a big pot, out of a ladel. (Give a couple seconds after your first dip. It lets the grounds settle a little)

- Puerto Rico – an exciting game where the Liam plantation outlasted the Rob and John plantations to secure the victory.

- Chopping wood


- Scraping congealed fat off of the hood fan with first a chef’s knife and then a metal egg-flipper

- Cleaning toilets and mopping the bathroom, wearing soggy socks

All in all, it was another great camp. Here’s looking forward to Cubs next year!


El Cliff said...

How exactly does one cheat to Capture the Flag?

And when scraping the fat, was it one of those gruesome deals where, as you peeled it away, the horrific stench of stale food memories of the past permeated the air, to the point that you wanted to gag?

Wow, movin' on up to the Cubs. Very good, very good!

Liam J. said...

Nope. No stale food memories, nothing like that, just disgusting black fat.

And "hiding" the flag in the lake, picking up the flag and moving it somewhere else and passing the flag to another team member after your flag has been pulled and then lying about it are all cheating.

El Cliff said...

Wow...I am impressed at the desire of these young men to win at all costs. Future CEO's, every one.

Anonymous said...

Cheat to win.