Wednesday, July 11, 2007

In the news

Ottawa man fined for promoting hatred

I don't normally spend a lot of time reading the news or listening to the news or watching the news because it just riles me up. Watching is the worst because the anchors seem to be able to throw a story out there about four Canadian soldiers who won't be coming home and then switch to the dog show coming up this weekend. It just doesn't work for me.

However, this one just kind of jumped out at me.

Some idiot, living in his grampa's basement, decided to start the Canadian Nazi party and started a website about it, talking about how non-white people should be exterminated. The Human Rights Tribunal got wind of it and
  1. ordered him to stop spreading hatred
  2. turned off his website
  3. fined him 4000 dollars.
Fortunately, it looks like nobody actually took him seriously. The messages posted on his website appeared to be all from him. Still, the things that the tribunal would allow the press to print were disgusting enough. I don't want to think about what they kept quiet.

When notice of the hearing was delivered to this moron, he hid in his house and wouldn't answer the door. What happened to being "in the right" and "fighting for what you believe in"? Apparently, he doesn't believe as strongly in his cause as his website would have us believe.

Also, when the journalist tried to reach him for comment, he couldn't get ahold of the guy. So apparently he's not only an idiot but a coward.

What ever happened to the amusing redneck idiot who would spout off on some daytime talkshow so that Geraldo could break a chair on his head? Now we've got these morons skulking in the shadows, talking about how they're stronger and better? Gimme a freaking break.

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Etsell Mania said...

That's disgusting. He needs a beatdown, I think.

Liam J. said...

I'm sure there are some willing people who could and probably will administer said beating.

El Cliff said...

What a pitiful loser. Have the courage of your ridiculous convictions, dirtbag! Seriously, isn't it amusing how the 'superior race' hatemonger turns out to be nothing but a bitch?

I agree with you about television news, as well, Lum. I can't stand anchors. their 'fake care' look disgusts me. I stick with the paper and online know, the ones NOT written by guys in tinfoil caps, talking about 'them' and 'their' plan to control the world's economy through one of the usual suspects.

Hmmm...I just realized...a lot of my rants tend to spread hate online...CRAP! Time to bunker down! the Feds are comin', with their black helicopters and Jew money!

Liam J. said...

Black helicopters?

You posts are less about spreading hate and more about spreading rage. One part righteous indignation, one part pointless rambly ire.

El Cliff said...

Come on, haven't you read all those conspiracy theories about the 'silent black helicopters' that will snatch you up at the behest of (fill this space with whatever regular conspiratorial fodder organization you wish...the Masons, the Tripartite Commission, the Global Zionists, the UN, etc.)

And that post was supposed to be rambly and stupid. For once, that was actually my end goal.