Thursday, April 12, 2007

Late nights at Palazzo Johnstone

I stayed up late to watch the Canucks-Stars playoff game last night. I went to bed twenty minutes or so before the end of the game.

There's just something about overtime in the playoffs that I can't turn my back on. Every game is so important and you never know when it will end. I love the idea that a game could still be playing when it's time to go to work the next day.

Of course, the Sedins ruined that dream.

Speaking of the satan-twins, there's something almost hypnotic about the way they cycle the puck down low. They always seem to know where the other guy is expecting him to be and then, just like that, the puck's out front and there's a scoring chance.

I hate the Canucks but I hate the Stars worse and I'll cheer for any Canadian team as long as they're not playing against the Flames.

Nice to see Ottawa doubled up on the Pens as well.

Here's to the Flames kicking some Red-Wing tail tonight.

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EPS SEAN said...

I just HATE the Canucks.

More than Dallas.
More than TORONTO.

I HATE them.

That said...the Sedin twins are amazing hockey players.

EPS SEAN said...


And I hate Jim Hughston as well. Listening to him when he does play by play for the Canucks makes my ears BLEED.

Liam J. said...

I like Jim Hughson. I guess we're allowed to disagree about him.

I don't hate Toronto anymore. I'm not a fan of Mother-Tucker, but I like a bunch of their players. (It was still kinda funny to see them not make the playoffs).

You know what I think made me lose my hatred of the Leafs? Not watching the early game of HNIC and not having TSN.

El Cliff said...'d, what, rather listen to the droning of Bob Cole, Sean? I'm with Liam, I actually like Jim Hughson, and considering the alternative IS Bob Cole, I'm all for hearing his voice!

I am ambivalent towards the Canucks. Whatever. the Sedins are pretty amazing, though.

Sean Woods said...

Can't I hate them both? I can't stand either of them.

With the score

Detroit 4
Calgary 1


Liam J. said...


Stupid Flames.

Stupid Iginla, no shots.

At least Kiprusoff was solid.

I know, I know, 4 goals, but 46 shots!

El cliff said...

I'm glad my team isn't the only one that crapped the bed for the first game.

Kiprusoff WAS very good, though...he absolutely robbed Datsyuk an one point, and made a couple of other saves on shots that really should have been goals. I was shocked at how much Calgary seemed to refuse to initiate contact, they just kept backpedalling and letting Detroit pass the puck all over the rink.

El Cliff said...

Okay, the Flames not realize they're supposed to shoot at the other team's net?