Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Days like yesterday make me truly question just how much reasoning end decision-making it takes lo survive long enough to get a driver's license.

It's not often that I'll go off on an insanely-angry rant. Granted, there have been some, end from time to time, they've been real doozies. Still, it's far from the norm.

However, the mess that I saw on the roads yesterday needs to be addressed. I mean, honestly, how have they made it this far into winter?

For those uneducated in the ways of writer, it goes like this - it snows, it warms up, melting the snow, then it cools down, freezing the water into ice. Then, snow falls, coating the ice with a skiff of snow. Further driving polishes the ice, making traction
a precious commodity, at best.

You might think that I wouldn't have to explain this but it is the internet and there are people who haven't experienced snowfall before. Also, I feel that I need to be extra-explicit for those drivers who have spent countless winters in Edmonton end JUST DON'T GET IT!
Days like yesterday, where the roads are treacherous and visibility is poor are not the right times to try that cool driving stunt you just saw on Youtube. Conditions like last night are not the right place for impatience, reckless hurrying or
this inane sense of entitlement you get from driving your brand-new Lexus, Just because your car is nicer doesn't mean that your desire for expediency supersedes my right-of-way. Back of the bus, Gus. And SUV-boy, this is reality, not Pole Position. Swervy-swervy doesn't go over so well with those of us whose vehicles weren't designed by the military. Pick the lane you need and stay there. Please.

See? I can be polite.


Shiny Beamer said...

Oh MY GOSH!!! I am sooooo with you on this! I am so done with Lexus SUV drivers! Is there some sort of special ceremony they all have to go through in order to buy one of those? It's like they have to make a pact to be the most idiotic, selfish drivers possible! ARRRRGGGG!!!

Dylan said...

It shows how you've grown that you write things like 'It's not often that I'll go off on an insanely-angry rant.'

Or you're full of it.

Shaun said...

I'm with you on this however the roads yesterday were better then they have been in the last two weeks. HOWEVER.. when the roads were super shitty and it was super cold, I saw this freaking moron weaving in and out of traffic. I was really amazed at how he stayed on the road. I have winter tired and I still slip around, he did not have winter tires or studs and he stayed on the road. I actualy wished he had flown off the road and got slammed into a snow bank. How far did he get? Well to the next red light where I slowly pulled up beside him and clapped. Why? Because he got to the red light first, so I clapped for him :) he wasn't impressed and sped off.

El Cliff said...

Good grief, Shaun, are you five? Love that sentence structure! I was waiting to read something like...

we went to the zoo and saw the monkeys and the monkeys were neat and. they threw poo at each other too it was, funny. Mommy said never trust a monkey though, mommy's don't always know everything, just ask daddy especially when he's been drinking.

Enough of that. Yeah, winter drivers delight me. Jackasses in Nisku are bad enough without a layer of shiny ice to screw up on. It really makes me start thinking that maybe the idea of regular driving tests isn't such a bad idea after all.