Friday, June 16, 2006

Innovation meets technology

When I was working at Halliburton, Sheldon Kryger (also known as that student-guy) introduced me to Tablet PC, a piece of technology that has a screen that you can write to. It requires the special pen that comes with the Tablet and it has a bunch of nifty software to make use of the hardware. I coveted his laptop for a long time.
Finally, yesterday, my dream computer became my reality computer. Combining the authorization of the Benefits Coordinator at Intuit, the Product Manager of Quicken Solutions Group and my wife, as well as Canadian Equifax, I’m sure, I was cleared for the money required to buy Best Buy’s best buy, a Gateway (insert model numbers here) Tablet PC.
So far, I’ve fought with the power cable and the wireless router. There was a little scare when the power cord would not power up the computer (fear not - it wasn’t pushed in far enough, and before you laugh at me, Sylvain at Intuit had the same difficulty as I did when he first got his).
The biggest inside joke of the purchase is that it comes with Microsoft Money 2006, the big competitor for Intuit’s Quicken. I had a good laugh over that.
Where do I go from here? Anywhere in the house, maybe in the yard, and currently at the office, though the wireless network here is secure and I can’t get on to configure antivirus, anti-spy ware and anti-adware. Someday…


KimProbable said...

I still can't believe I let you buy this thing. I...just don't know.

Shiny Beamer said...

You are the King of new technological purchases!!!!! Congrats on ANOTHER new toy! Looks VERY cool.

BTW, do you work in the Inuit building on Roper Road? I drive by there everyday. Our office is just a little further down Roper and then to the right. I rarely ever even read the signs as I drive to work but all of a sudden, I noticed the Intuit sign. So I waved. Did you see me?

Liam J. said...

I do work in that particular Intuit building.

The next closest one is in Calgary. Then California. Then India.

Sean Woods said...

Go Liam!