Monday, October 17, 2005

Battle of Alberta

The first game of the NHL’s version of the Battle of Alberta is over and Calgary looked GOOD. A powerplay goal, no goals against, and Flames fans can thank Mikka Kiprusoff for bragging rights, at least until Thursday. To Shaun and Shaun I say Pbbbbbbt!

It looks like Kiprusoff is back in playing shape and ready to play. Phaneuf has sure looked good too. Iginla finally got back into it. I guess it just takes a rivalry game for that.

I just hope they don’t celebrate this win by dropping their next three or something.


Sean Woods said...

Alberta teams suck.

CFXOG: Can't Find X-cuse, oi gevalt!

Sean Woods said...

With the score....(Nov 25, 2005)

Edmonton 2, Calgary 1 (SO)

To quote BOOSE...